Consider yourself lucky to watch the NHL during the Taylor Hall era. While Hall isn't in Sidney Crosby's league, Hall lives in a league just below that, as one of the best players in the league. The term "take over a game" is broadly used, and usually badly used, but last night Hall didn't take over a game - he owned a game from start to finish. I wonder how his linemates and opponents aren't caught watching Hall two or three times a game, given his propensity to do amazing things on rushes and chances he creates.

He's a special player, the best Edmonton has had since Chris Pronger, and the best forward Edmonton has had since Mark Messier and I hope Kevin Lowe dosn't find a way to waste his peak with the Oilers.

The Good

Taylor Hall, Tayor Hall, Taylor Hall. The guy is an amazing hockey player who makes plays at a top speed that no one else in the NHL can make. I compared him to a bird of prey last season - he swoops around neutral ice and the offensive zone, he blows by defensemen (ask Erik Johnson and now...all of the Stars) he generates shots and chances like almost no other young player in the league. He's amazing to watch, and though his goal came on a fluke shot, he deserved at least one, maybe two or three goals for his performance last night. He's a force of nature.