It's hard to believe fans see something experienced head coaches don't, and I'd be willing to bet it rarely happens. Just as Rams fans have howled the entire 2012 season for better offensive line talent, I'm sure the coaching staff feels the same way. Where it gets tough is measuring the "possible" difference a college player can make, versus a player they've been coaching for a season or two.

Imagine a coach like Paul Boudreau, as he judges his offensive linemen. He's seen some of his players improve during the 2012 season, so how hard is it for him to move on to a rookie, fresh out of college? Think about the gamble NFL coaches take every time they decide to go with a rookie, let alone using a high draft pick to acquire the player. Yes, it their job, but that doesn't remove the human factor. They aren't all-knowing, as Rams fans know from past NFL Drafts. Ever wonder how frustrated an NFL coach gets when a high draft pick doesn't impress during their first training camp? Can you imagine the pressure put on them to play a guy like Jason Smith, all the while knowing there probably were better, no-name players standing on the sidelines?

I often wonder about how gut wrenching a failed draft pick is for an NFL coach. Guys like Jeff Fisher don't get to where they are by giving up on a young player, but it happens. I wonder how difficult it was for Fisher to sit Isaiah Pead for Daryl; Richardson? Imagine the same situation for Seattle's Pete Carroll, when he opted for Russell Wilson over big bucks free agent Matt Flynn?