The Rams are youthful team composed of a talented players donning a "Scarlet P" for potential. The "P" word excites in the beginning and exhausts in the end. The "P" word causes teams to "reach" in the draft, and gives hope to struggling teams. As Rams fans we know the "P" word all too well - Donnie Avery, Danario Alexander, Tye Hill, Jason Smith, Jimmy Kennedy and many many more.

Fortunately for us Rams fans, we finally have a coach who has the ability to bring out potential. Chris Givens and Daryl Richardson joined the Rams with the Scarlet "P" stitched onto their blue and gold but were able to develop into contributors.

Come the 2013 season, this team could be even younger than it was this season, and more players will take the next step and shed their Scarlet P. Who will they be?