The San Antonio Spurs took on the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday night at the AT&T Center. This was a SEGABABA for both teams as the Mavericks beat the Lakers the night before while the Spurs outlasted the Memphis Grizzlies in overtime. Both teams came in shorthanded due to their previous night's outing. Manu Ginobili tweaked his hamstring while making the game-winner against the Grizzlies and Shawn Marion bruised his shoulder after taking a hard fall against the Lakers. The game was sluggish in the first half, as one would expect, but the Spurs were able to dominate the second half enroute to a 112-90 blowout win.

It turns out that the best medicine for slumping Spurs is a game against the porous Dallas Mavericks' defense. Jose Calderon had the cure for Parkers' ailing game while Dirk Nowitzki and DeJuan Blair got the starters off to a nice start with their inability to protect the rim. Dallas' starting five can't stop penetration, especially with Shawn Marion out, and they can't challenge shots near the basket. Their only hope is to outscore their opponents. While the Spurs' starters can struggle offensively, they are very capable of playing great defense.

San Antonio's starters' strengths and weaknesses created the perfect storm for Dallas. The Spurs' defense stifled the Mavericks while Dallas had no answers for Tony Parker on the other end. Within a few minutes, Dallas was down 13-4, and Rick Carlisle was forced to stop the action with a timeout.

The rest of the half was played on tired legs. While the Spurs controlled most of it with a ten point lead, they were unable to break the game open. They turned the ball over 11 times to the Mavericks' two, which enabled Dallas to keep it close. Going into halftime, the Spurs led 45-38.