Howdy, folks. Just a quuick late afternoon discussion post for you.

It's become a bit of a tradition for me each year, before spring training gets underway, tou put together our spring surprise survey-slash-game.

The rules are as follows: I want one (1) position player and one (1) pitcher you think could come in to spring training and really open some eyes in a positive way. Give me some reasons why if you want, or not. I'll go back and check throughout spring training, as we watch the various narratives unfold, and when camp is over, one of you lucky, lucky people will be named our 2013 Spring Surprise Grand Champion of All Existence, and will receive a super secret prize for your brilliance! (Standard disclaimer: prize may or may not be real. Management reserves the right to be a shameless liar at any time it serves a purpose.)

Now, if you're unfamiliar, or haven't been here in the past for these, it doesn't necessarily have to be a rookie or prospect or anything. They usually are, as those are the guys best positioned to really wow in spring training in some heretofore unexpected manner, but it could be a guy with some experience who comes in in better shape, or with a tweak to a swing or a delivery, or whatever. The choice is entirely up to you.