Defensive end Anthony Spencer believes he did enough last season to warrant a long-term deal. But if it doesn’t get done, he will do what he did last year.

“I’m really not worried about it,” Spencer said. “I come here; I work, and then I go home and relax. If it gets done, it gets done. I have the same attitude I had last year. It ended up working out for me, so I don’t worry about it much.”

Spencer, 29, played under the franchise tag last year. He made $8.8 million. After his first Pro Bowl and a career-high 11 sacks, the Cowboys franchised him again this year. He will make $10.6 million but hopes his agent, Jordan Woy, can work out a long-term deal before the NFL-mandated July 15 deadline.

“I want to be here for the rest of my career,” Spencer said. “Hopefully we can get that done. If we can’t, then so be it.”

Spencer should get something in the range of the five-year, $41 million deal that Paul Kruger signed with Cleveland. It included $20 million guaranteed.

Jordan offers Dez advice

Michael Jordan’s advice to Dez Bryant was simple. When the NBA Hall of Famer met with the Cowboys receiver at the NBA All-Star Game in Houston in February, Jordan offered four words of wisdom:

Stay out of trouble.

Bryant, who recently signed an endorsement deal with the Jordan Brand, plans to oblige. It was Bryant’s idea to work without getting paid for the first year, to prove he won’t get in trouble. If he does that, Bryant would receive that missed salary in the deal’s second year, according to a source.

“Whenever you represent a guy like Michael Jordan, you’ve got to be right,” Bryant said. “I don’t know one guy who doesn’t admire him. It’s very rare to be a part of that [Jordan Brand] group. Just to be blessed to be part of that group means a lot to me.”

Bryant, 24, has had a quiet off-season. Two years ago during the off-season, he had a dispute at a Dallas mall and allegations of an unpaid debt to a jeweler. Last year, his off-season was marked by an arrest for an assault against his mother.

Jordan’s words carry weight with Bryant, another reason to stay on the straight and narrow.

“Hearing it from him, he is a strong voice,” Bryant said. “His opinion matters. It just adds fuel to trying to do things great at all times. That’s something you don’t want to mess up. Now, I do pay attention to that, just because of the fact of who he is and what he is about. Everybody knows Michael Jordan is about his business, so that makes you want to be about yours.”