Jake Peavy is not happy that one of his moves — a fake pickoff throw to third base — now will result in a balk.

"To me, that's a joke," the White Sox right-hander said Monday. "To speed up the game by saying you can't, you're taking a rule away from a game. You've got guys taking so long to get in the box and you've got all the antics that we have to deal with, and take away a pickoff move to speed up the game?

"Give me a break. I'm out on that."

However, most major league managers were in favor of the rule change, which Major League Baseball believes will prevent batters and baserunners at first or second from being deceived.

Peavy believes he's at a disadvantage already because he's right-handed.

"It will have to be on the forefront of my mind because I do like to use that," Peavy said. "Holding runners is a big part of my game. It should be a big part of anyone's game, and it's not as easy for right-handers as it is for left-handers.