The White Sox’s dugout was quieter but without some wisdom Tuesday night as pitching coach Don Cooper was admitted to Inova Hospital in Arlington, Va., suffering from diverticulitis.

Cooper, 57, was admitted Tuesday morning after complaining to trainer Herm Schneider about discomfort that started on the Sox’s charter flight to Washington. Manager Robin Ventura was hopeful Cooper could rejoin the team Wednesday night but acknowledged his absence changed the dynamics of the pitching staff during a game.

First-year bullpen coach Bobby Thigpen moved to the dugout, with bullpen catcher Mark Salas handling Thigpen’s duties.

“The continuity of how we do things will be a little bit different,” Ventura said. “There’s a lot of stuff we talk about during games and going over with Thiggy and how we do it. We’re talking all the time about how guys are doing or who might come in and why and all that kind of stuff. It will be different.”