Of all the disappointments that surrounded the White Sox's collapse in the final two weeks of the season, Alexei Ramirez was one of the first players to hold himself accountable.

The Sox's shortstop isn't one of the team's higher-profile players, yet there have been expectations that his production at the plate would increase instead of level off as it has the last two seasons.

So it was refreshing to hear Ramirez tell a group of reporters on Sept. 28 that 2012 was one of his worst years and that he was determined to improve.

"I'm more upset with myself because I know I can do better than what I'm doing," Ramirez told reporters.

The damage caused by the middle of the order is done, and the Sox are at home while the Tigers are striving for the World Series.

Meanwhile, Ramirez will rest before embarking on workouts at his South Miami home.

It's a good thing for the Sox that Ramirez, 31, is on a mission to improve. With uncertainties at third base and catcher, the Sox will need Ramirez to produce more at the plate in addition to his solid defense.

When the Sox moved Ramirez from second base to shortstop following his remarkable 2008 rookie season after leaving Cuba, the hope was that Ramirez would become more selective and more productive at the plate in addition to making a smooth transition from the other side of the diamond.