Ken ‘‘Hawk’’
Harrelson once shared the booth with Don Drysdale, a tandem widely praised as one of the best in baseball broadcast history.

Steve Stone broke in on ‘‘Monday Night Baseball,’’ sharing the booth with Howard Cosell, Al Michaels and Keith Jackson long before becoming Harry Caray’s trusted companion on Cubs broadcasts.

Harrelson and Stone have become synonymous with Chicago baseball since the 1980s. But there was something wrong when the two shared the White Sox’ TV booth last season.

‘‘There was some tension,’’ Harrelson said this week. ‘‘It happens.’’

The tension led to a meeting ordered by chairman Jerry Reinsdorf during SoxFest this winter, amid rumors Stone was ready to bolt after four seasons working with Harrelson. Both sides aired their differences and left the room with a firm handshake.

Besides, both men have contracts through 2015.

‘‘I believe everything has been resolved,’’ Stone said. ‘‘I think this year is going to be much better broadcasts than it has been.

‘‘We’re two pretty smart guys. And the common ground that we reached and what I told him: I’m only interested in one thing, and that’s to make the best broadcast possible. I want this to be our best year, and I think both of us have the ability to do that.’’

Both admitted there had been growing tension the last two seasons. This came after a pretty good marriage the first two seasons.