Tight end Rob Gronkowski's continued absence from the New England Patriots' lineup has escalated tension among teammates who have begun questioning him about why he's not playing and left some wondering if he intends to play at all this season according to multiple sources.

"There's curiosity and resentment and he's creating it by going out and kicking ass during the week and then he doesn't show up on game day and help the team win" one source said.

Gronkowski missed his sixth game Sunday because of multiple offseason surgeries on his fractured left forearm. He has not been cleared by third-party physician Dr. James Andrews whose involvement suggests trust issues exist between the team and player over his medical condition and readiness to play.

Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft was asked about Andrews providing medical advice to Gronkowski on Sunday in an interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub.

"He should be totally comfortable getting medical advice outside of the club's medical advice. I don't even know there is a dispute. To my knowledge if there is one I'm not aware of it" he said.

Kraft was then asked if there is a fractured relationship with Gronkowski and the team.

"Not from the level with anybody named Kraft" he responded. "I'm not aware of it with anybody anywhere else. ... Rob is going to know when he wants to play and Rob loves the game of football. When Rob wants to play when Rob can play he'll play. No one here questions Rob's desire about the game about his passion for the game and wanting to play the game of football."

Gronkowski first had surgery last season returned with a metal plate in his arm and fractured the same forearm in the playoffs then required two more surgeries while enduring an infection that complicated the healing process.