Dwight Howard has some interesting theories about the fabric of reality. He can’t hit a free throw but is working on his three-point shooting (career 5-of-56 shooter) to extend his longevity. That’s one crazy thing he’s up to these days.

Now here’s another.

Howard says Kevin Durant, not LeBron James, is the best player in the NBA.


Howard interestingly thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers will win in Game 3 over the Golden State Warriors. But it’s not about James. He thinks Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love will be the difference. Of course, this coming from a big man isn’t shocking.

But here’s what he said about Durant versus James, which is a bit shocking.

“KD is seven feet. He’s doing things that no seven-footer has ever really done. That’s what sets him apart from a lot of players in this league — his ability to score from anywhere on the floor, he has great handles. And the thing he’s doing this year, better than any other year, he’s blocking shots. His defense is crazy this year.”