Perhaps Curtis Granderson's swing wasn't what needed fixing this postseason.

After watching Granderson swing at balls out of the strike zone for several months, some within the Yankees organization believe the center fielder might be having trouble with his eyes.

With that in mind, a source said the team plans to send Granderson to an eye specialist to see if his eyesight has been the source of his problems at the plate.

The Yankees conduct standard physicals on their players each spring, including an eye test. The source said Granderson did not have his eyes checked again during the season, prompting some inside the organization to speculate that his vision could be at the root of his struggles.

This isn't the first time Granderson's eyes have been an issue. In February of 2010, Granderson told the Daily News that he had been diagnosed with 20/30 vision shortly after being traded to the Yankees, prompting him to try wearing contact lenses for the first time in his career.

"They said, 'Your vision is 20/30, so let's see if we can improve it,' " Granderson said at the time. "For most people, they'd let it go, but since we can possibly make me see better to hit, who knows? We'll see."

Granderson, who turns 32 in March, struck out 116 times in 2010, his first season with the lenses. That number rose to 169 last season, then ballooned to a career-high 195 this year. He also was 3-for-30 with 16 whiffs in 30 postseason at-bats.

It's unclear whether Granderson continued wearing the lenses during the past two seasons. Matt Brown, Granderson's agent, was unavailable for comment Friday.