Knicks team president Donnie Walsh, who has been trying to trade Anthony Randolph and get a third team involved for a Carmelo Anthony blockbuster, might have found a match for both.

A source familiar with the situation said the Knicks, Timberwolves and Nuggets have discussed a three-team trade that would bring Anthony to the Knicks while Randolph, Wilson Chandler and Eddy Curry's expiring contract would depart.

"There are discussions," the source said yesterday.

However, talks are at a standstill, but it confirms why the Knicks have handled Chandler's recent calf injury with kid gloves, kept him out three games and are not starting him since his return Friday. The trade deadline is 19 days away. Chandler has acted subdued the past 10 days, likely because his name has been linked to the Anthony trade talks.

"Donnie is talking to everybody and so is Denver focusing on how 'Melo can get to New York," a source familiar with the situation said.

In the proposed deal, the Nuggets would wind up with Corey Brewer, Chandler and a Minnesota first-round pick. Minnesota gets Randolph and Curry's expiring contract. Randolph, whose representatives have requested a trade, has long been rumored to the Wolves for a first-rounder.

It would be a sweetheart deal for the Knicks, but the Nuggets would not get nearly as much as they would have if their 15-player, three-team deal with the Nets had come to fruition.

Ironically, Walsh announced the official hiring yesterday of Mark Warkentien, the former Denver general manager whose addition has been linked to the Knicks adding Anthony.

But Walsh made clear the hiring was not Anthony-related. Warkentien, was in San Diego yesterday, scouting San Diego State vs. TCU. Warkentien has a strong relationship with Anthony and is represented by CAA, Anthony's firm.

When Anthony heard reports of Warkentien's flirtations with the Knicks last week, he beamed and said it was "a great addition."

If the Knicks can't get a deal done, Walsh knows he can wait until free agency. Warkentien would represent another comfy reason for Anthony to join, though the Knicks always have been his first choice. The Nets have pulled out of the running but nobody has ruled them out of rejoining.