Phil Jackson is contemplating a return the sidelines, and he would “absolutely” listen if he received a call from the Cavaliers, a source close to Jackson told FOX Sports Ohio.

Jackson won 11 championships as coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, but retired following the 2010-11 season. Recent reports indicated he is looking to get back into coaching -- something the source confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Cavs have started their search for a new coach after firing Byron Scott on Thursday. Jackson’s name is among those on their list.

“Absolutely, yes, he’d listen (if the Cavs called),” the source said. “Why wouldn’t he? Coaching is his passion.”

Jackson has only been a head coach in two of the NBA’s largest markets, which immediately creates skepticism he would take a job in Cleveland. The source said such talk is overplayed.

“He grew up in North Dakota and coached a minor-league team in Albany (N.Y.),” the source said. “Trust me, Phil has nothing against mid-sized American cities.”

As for Jackson wanting to only coach teams built to compete for a championship, the source insisted it’s never been something Jackson has set out to do.

“Does he want to win titles? Of course,” he said. “But taking a team to the playoffs that no one expects to get there is a big accomplishment, too. If he decides to get back into coaching, he will consider all options.”

Besides that, the source added, the Cavs do have some appeal, despite finishing last in the Central Division for three straight years.

“They’re like a college All-Star team that’s playing in the NBA,” the source said. “Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters -- they’re all young guys, guys you can build around. They could be a lot of fun in the right system.”