As feared, Jose Fernandez has a significant ulnar collateral ligament tear in his right elbow. He is wasting no time getting it fixed.

A source said Fernandez will undergo the procedure in Los Angeles with orthopedic surgeon Neal ElAttrache of the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic, where Fernandez underwent MRI testing Monday.

President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill during Tuesday's game confirmed a tear was found and Tommy John surgery is the recommended course of action.

"Hopefully we can make that call and get things set up and get it taken care of," Hill said. "Generally it's a 12- to 18-month rehab with Tommy John surgery. From what our doctors saw, they did not want to go the rehab route. They felt surgery was the best option.

"They said [the tear] was clean and his elbow looked very good aside from the torn ligament. Hopefully we can get that repaired and get him back on the road to recovery. This is a surgery so there's obviously risk, but with the technology and the success rate of the Tommy John procedure, we're hopeful he'll come back and be better than ever and comparable to the Jose we've seen perform the last year-plus."

Hill added that Fernandez was "shaken up" over the diagnosis, but he's "coming to grips" with what's ahead.