The NFL regular season has less than 10 days left, and once it ends, we enter the silly season of the NFL Draft. It’s the silly season because nobody knows anything, but everyone pretends to be in the know.

Because so many NFL teams are in dire need of a QB, and because there are plenty of quarterbacks who will be entering the draft, you’re going to hear some silly things.

Basically, anything about Wyoming QB Josh Allen will be silly. Like this!

Why does it have to be Ben Roethlisberger? Why not Logan Thomas, the former Virginia Tech QB?

Ben Roethliseberger (6-foot-5, 240 pounds) at Miami (OH)
Freshman: 63.3% comp, 8.1 ypa, 25 TD, 13 INT
Sophomore: 63.3% comp, 7.6 ypa, 22 TD, 11 INT
Junior: 69.1% comp, 9.1 ypa, 37 TD, 10 INT

Logan Thomas (6-foot-6, 250 pounds) at Virginia Tech
Sophomore: 59.8% comp, 7.7 ypa, 19 TD, 10 INT
Junior: 51.3% comp, 6.9 ypa, 18 TD, 16 INT
Senior: 56.5% comp, 7.2 ypa, 15 TD, 13 INT

Josh Allen (6-foot-5, 233 pounds) at Wyoming
Sophomore: 56% comp, 8.6 ypa, 28 TD, 15 INT
Junior: 56.2% comp, 6.6 ypa, 13 TD, 6 INT