The New York Yankees are part of Alfonso Soriano’s DNA. But just because he started his career in The Bronx doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to end it there.

The Cubs couldn’t make it through their second Cactus League game before the Soriano trade rumors ignited again. The Twitter universe tried to connect the dots as soon as the Yankees announced outfielder Curtis Granderson would be out 10 weeks with a fractured forearm.

Toronto Blue Jays lefty J.A. Happ drilled Granderson’s right arm during his first at-bat of spring training on Sunday in Tampa, Fla. Soriano instinctively felt bad for Granderson, the University of Illinois at Chicago graduate who’s still active on the West Side and within the Major League Baseball Players Association.

But Soriano has been dealing with the speculation for so long that he sort of laughed and understood there would be immediate questions about whether he would approve a trade to the Yankees.

“I want to give it one more chance, because I want to win here,” Soriano said. “It’s a long time not winning. (But) I signed here to win and I prepared my mind from the first day I signed the contract to win the World Series here.…My dream is winning here.”

It should be noted that Granderson might only miss the first month of the season and rejoin a decimated New York lineup in May. The Yankees lost Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez from a team that won 95 games and scored 804 runs last season, more than everyone else except the Texas Rangers.

“I don’t know if they want to call or not,” Soriano said. “But if they call for me, I have to think about it because I don’t want to take a quick reaction and say yes or no.