When the Cubs signed Alfonso Soriano to his eight-year, $136 million deal after the 2006 season, they figured he would help them win it all before the final two seasons, making it worth the added years.

Now that Soriano is entering the penultimate year of his contact, he's considered an expenditure that doesn't fit in with the rebuilding project that has targeted 2015 as the year the Cubs expect to begin contending annually.

But the Cubs haven't been able to move Soriano, despite their willingness to eat a good part of the remaining $36 million. They had a chance to work out a deal with the Giants last summer, but Soriano declined to give his consent under his no-trade rights.

The Giants wound up winning the World Series, while the Cubs finished with 101 losses. Soriano said he "didn't expect the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series with the team" they had. But he said he doesn't regret his decision.