Remember when Richie Incognito was the worst person on the planet? A man so vile, so hated, that there was no way he would ever work in this country again. Forget having friends. Forget having a life. He's done. Sayonara.

Well, it seems that more than a few people's emotions have cooled since his bullying scandal with the Miami Dolphins that involved former teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito was brought in by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an interview on Monday. But this is beyond just NFL personnel. The Newark Star-Ledger conducted a poll on its website, asking Giants fans if the team should sign Incognito. The results were very telling.

A wide margin -- a little more than 70 percent -- feels the team should indeed bring in Incognito to aid their moth-eaten offensive line. Here's what one reader named "TR150" had to say.

"I feel dirty for saying this, but how about a look at Richie Incognito? Heck with teams captains. Bring in someone who can keep the Q b clean. At this point, it's not about Eli or Nassib. They're both gonna get killed behind that line against premiere rushers. Heck, pass rushers period."