In the aftermath of the Justin Upton trade, we have heard alot about what type of team the Arizona Diamondbacks will field in 2013. It will be less flash, more grit along with less shine, more dirt. In other words, it will be molded in the image of manager Kirk Gibson who played the exact same way during his 17-year career. In fact, the term "Gibby Ball" has been used to describe the team and style of play since Gibson was named manager during the 2010 season. While this brand of baseball is roundly praised by fans (including me) there are some elements that need to be addressed as it relates to the D'backs. I will be sure to include Gibby's two World Series winning team, the 1984 Detroit Tigers and the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers as reference points.

On paper, the D'back lineup is a pretty good one one that compares favorably with Gibson's Dodgers. Gibby was the MVP of the National League and Mike Marshall was the only other player on the club to hit at least 20 home runs. However, do we see a potential MVP in the Arizona lineup? There are really good hitters but not one that managers say, "We can't let that guy beat us". The offense will need to be strong in situational hitting and hope the team lets Adam Eaton run wild. The Detroit position players were much better than the lineups on both teams. Alan Trammell probably should be the Hall of Fame and there was not an easy out from one through nine. They led the American League in home runs and runs scored.