When former Tampa Bay safety John Lynch heard that the Buccaneers had finalized a trade Sunday for Darrelle Revis, his mind instantly turned to his four years in Denver.

“I played with Champ Bailey in his prime and I know what a cornerback like Revis can do for a defense,'' Lynch said. “Like Champ, Revis is a guy who can neutralize No. 1 receivers, so you don't have to dedicate extra resources to stopping that guy. Darrelle Revis is a big-time football player. … He's a game-changer.''

For Brian Kelly, a starting cornerback on Tampa Bay's 2002 championship club, Revis is about to earn his whopping paycheck.

“I think he's one of the best corners in the league, if not the best,'' Kelly said from Los Angeles. “But I also feel Darrelle Revis will be facing the biggest challenge of his career going from the AFC East to the NFC South, where you've got quarterbacks like Drew Brees (New Orleans) and Matt Ryan (Atlanta), surrounded by all those weapons.''

Although Revis has already earned four Pro Bowl berths, former Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp is taking a cautious approach.

A member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013, Sapp is concerned about Revis' history of holding out for more money during his six years with the Jets.

“He's selfish and he's never been a team player,'' Sapp said. “We didn't win the championship that way. Derrick Brooks and I always cared more about the team than ourselves.''