The Cardinals have had some really crummy days swinging the bats against lefthanded starting pitchers.

Your favorite team ranks 28th among 30 MLB teams with a .225 batting average vs. lefties this season. In addition the Cardinals are 20th in onbase percentage, 24th in home-run ratio and tied for 28th in slugging percentage against LH pitchers.

This makes no sense.

The Houston Astros -- that 11-30 juggernaut -- are batting .289 against lefties this season. The Astros’ slugging percentage against lefties is nearly 100 points higher than the Cardinals’ SLG vs lefties.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (17-22), who rank 29th in the majors in runs per game (a puny 3.4) are nonetheless batting .303 vs. LH pitching.

We’re searching for reasons for explain this. We’re looking for clues. We’re trying to solve the mystery. The prevailing theory is that the Cardinals’ righthanded hitters have fits when encountering LH pitchers that can throw sharp cutters in on the hands.

There’s truth to that.

According to STATS LLC, the Cardinals are batting .143 on cutters thrown by lefties. And on inside cutters from lefties, the batting average is .111. Against every kind of pitch thrown inside by lefties, the Cardinals are batting .167.

So yeah, those lefthanders are jamming those Cardinals’ RH batters. The evidence supports that.

But I have my own theory.

It isn’t brilliant, or sophisticated, or a revelation.

My theory is simple.

The Cardinals take horrible at-bats against lefthanded starters. They take really, really, really awful at-bats against these evil lefties.

I suppose we should tip the cap and all of that, and give these conniving lefthanded pitchers their due credit.

I don’t want to, sorry.

Why give loads of credit to Jonathon Niese, who brought a bruised and battered 5.93 ERA into Busch Stadium Thursday _ only to go all Steve Carlton on the Cardinals?

So what’s my problem with applauding the lefthanded pitchers for their fine, John Tudor-ish performances against the Cardinals? Am I being petty here? Yes, apparently so.

But after looking at the pitching data at Brooks Baseball Net, one thing jumped out at me: the Cardinals are doing a very good job of getting themselves out with these terrible at-bats.