Carmelo Anthony, as the face of the Knicks franchise, clearly sees his obligation to make sure to portray a happy public face to New York, orange-and-blue-colored glasses covering his eyes.

It’s a delusional face.

“We’re right there,” Melo says.

Right where?

Nowhere near Miami, nowhere near the Heat, that’s where.

“We kinda teased the city of New York a little bit, because now everybody expects us to play at this level, this high level,” Melo says.

Sorry, the city of New York has waited 40 years for an NBA championship. The city of New York expects the Knicks to play at something higher than an Eastern Conference semifinals level.

But unless changes are made, changes more drastic than Melo seems to think are needed, the city of New York has every right to wonder whether the championship window, opened the moment Melo arrived to join forces with Amar’e Stoudemire, is now closed, perhaps forever, on the Carmelo Anthony Era in New York should he decide to opt-out after next season.

“It’s just some detail-oriented things that we kinda gotta fix,” Melo says.

Dream on.

There is plenty to fix on the Knicks.

Let’s start with an organizational-wide attitude adjustment, a mentality that there are no medals for trying and nothing short of a championship is acceptable

This is not acceptable:

“This was the first time that this team was assembled, and to be able to accomplish what we were able to accomplish this year and take the steps in the right direction, I was excited about that, and I’m still excited about what’s here to come,” Melo says.

Nor is this:

“I don’t think we underachieved,” Melo says. “We made strides forward, we took huge steps. When I first got here in New York, I always said this was a process, it’s gonna take a couple of years, 2-3 years, and this is the first year that the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. So we’re only gonna get better from here on out.”