Will the Bruins play their game tomorrow afternoon at the Garden against the Tampa Bay Lightning? Will they be able to charter out of Hanscom Field to Buffalo after the game to face the Sabres Sunday night?

There were no answers to these questions yesterday, as the Bruins went about their weekend preparations as though everything were normal — and a massive Blizzard of the Decade wasn’t on track to bury Massachusetts and possibly shut down roads and air travel.

“I don’t really want to worry about what happens in two days until it happens,” said coach Claude Julien. “We’ll have some guys skate (yesterday) and some guys stay off the ice, and then hopefully have a good practice (today). We should be OK with that with the weather, we should be able to get that practice in. And then we’ll see what happens from there.”

Is there a chance the game will be postponed?

“I don’t know,” Julien said. “I haven’t been told anything in regards to that. We’ve seen those situations happen before. So I want to kind of focus on getting ready to play, vs. worrying about whether we’re going to play or not. If that happens, we’ll adjust.”

Might it be possible to play the game even though few fans could get to the Garden?

“I don’t know,” said Julien. “That’s a league decision to be made. I know Tampa is playing (last night in New Jersey) and they’re supposed to be flying in after the game. Hopefully, they’re in before all this stuff starts.”

The Bruins have played games during blizzards before. On Dec. 12, 2007, the B’s and Devils played in a big storm. The official attendance was 12,064, but accounts of the game estimated there might have been 1,500 fans in the arena.