SMU said Monday that the school followed proper procedures in its admission of basketball player Keith Frazier.

The statement came in response to a WFAA report on Sunday night about a DISD internal investigation. The DISD audit report revealed that Kimball High School personnel changed Frazier's grade in at least one class to allow the McDonald's All-American to graduate.

WFAA's report questioned if SMU officials knew of the grade lifting and why SMU assistant basketball coach Ulric Maligi had inquired about Frazier's grades.

SMU said that Frazier met the school's academic qualifications based on official transcripts and certification of his graduation by DISD.

"SMU received the final transcript on July 1," according to the statement, "confirming the student's graduation, with grades and credits indicating the student could qualify for SMU admission and NCAA eligibility.

"The alleged grade change on an earlier interim report was not reflected on the official transcript and thus did not have an impact on admission to SMU and NCAA eligibility.''

The WFAA story called into question Maligi's "several inquiries about Frazier's grades, including the day that his grade was changed. Maligi allegedly asked Kimball's college advisor how Frazier's grade could be improved.''

SMU supported Maligi, who has been instrumental in the Mustangs landing some big national recruits. Frazier was the marquee signee in coach Larry Brown's first recruiting class, which ranked 15th nationally.

According to SMU's statement, Maligi followed proper protocol when he asked Kimball personnel about Frazier's grades:

"Because we care about the potential of our student athletes to be academically successful at SMU, it is not unusual for a coach to inquire about the academic progress of a prospective student athlete.

"This is common practice among universities. In this way, it can be determined whether the student is on track to complete academic requirements and qualify for admission."

According to the DISD report, Frazier was behind in, or failing, at least three classes and did not have the necessary class hours to graduate. The report said that attendance problems also should have prohibited Frazier from graduating.

According to SMU,"Regarding the alleged attendance issue, SMU, like any other university, must rely on a school district's procedures certifying that a student meets all qualifications for graduation. Universities are not provided with attendance records of high school students applying for admission.''

The report states that former Kimball soccer coach and teacher's assistant Demarco King changed Frazier's physics grade after unsuccessfully pressuring the physics teacher.

According to the report, assistant Kimball basketball coach Toby Daniels also tried to pressure other teachers to change Frazier's grades.

The report faults Kimball Principal Earl Jones and Assistant Principal Llewellyn Smith for failing to maintain adequate control.

WFAA's story said it took two months for SMU to respond after being contacted by investigators.

SMU's statement said: "With regard to the timing of SMU's response to queries by the auditors, SMU's athletics compliance officer was in communication with the investigator in August and September, and on Oct. 4 provided a written response.''