J.R. Smith missed practice again yesterday and was called “a game-time decision’’ by coach Mike Woodson. But there’s good news on Smith’s health as he was spotted Sunday at about 10:30 p.m. at Steak N Shake.

Smith was seen at the downtown Indianapolis landmark with his brother Chris Smith and Knicks forward James White, who will be deactivated tonight.

Smith was holding a bag of food.

Woodson said Smith is still “sick’’ and he and Kenyon Martin, also with a flu bug, are being quarantined from the team so it won’t spread. Martin also missed his second straight practice yesterday.

Barring a relapse, it’s all but certain Smith will play. He said as much after Saturday’s game but the Knicks will list him as questionable.

“He’ll be fine,’’ Carmelo Anthony said. “I haven’t seen J.R. They’re keeping him away from everybody. I’m pretty sure from what I’m hearing, he’ll be ready for [tonight]. If they got to keep him away from us to make it happen, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about our game plan. It’s just a matter of him getting his health back.’’

Smith also has to get his shot back. Smith was 4-of-12 under duress Saturday to move his five-game playoff ledger to 19-of-69, coinciding with his return from suspension.

Smith, who has been criticized for his late-night carousing in Manhattan before and after the first two games, including with Rihanna, has stopped tweeting on his controversial account. He hasn’t tweeted since May 6 when he denied he was “clubbing.’’ The Knicks have not told him not to tweet.

His brother is doing it for him on his account. Chris Smith, a training camp invitee who tore his patella tendon,, a training camp invitee who tore his patella tendon, is rehabbing with the club and is expected to be on the roster next season if Smith is.In fact, they could be a package deal in an attempt to match another team’s higher offer when J.R. is a free agent. tweeted Sunday: “Indy is boring as heck. But sometimes you need that in your life in the room watching movies with my big bro @TheRealJRSmith.’’