The Sixth Man Award didn’t prevent the referees from tossing J.R. Smith Friday night.

Smith was ejected with 7:06 left of the Knicks 90-76 rout of the Celtics in Game 3 after getting Jason Terry with an elbow — the only ugly moment for coach Mike Woodson’s club.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers was fuming afterward.

“I wish I was playing,” Rivers said. “I didn’t like that. You’re up ...”

Rivers then caught himself.

“I’m going to stop. I’ve already given up money,” Rivers said, referring to a fine he received Thursday for criticizing referees.

Smith’s renegade reputation hasn’t been erased by the award and it’s unclear if he could face further punitive action. Smith was guarded by Terry at the perimeter and thought he got fouled on a reach-in.

Smith threw his elbow at Terry and the Celtics guard, clocking him in the high chest and jaw. Terry dropped to the court hard. Terry got up and tried to get at Smith but the referees convened and charged Smith with a flagrant 2 — an automatic ejection. Smith finished with 15 points on 6 of 12 shooting with four rebounds.

Smith said it was unintentional but still took blame, calling it “a bad basketball play.’’

“I was trying to draw the foul,’’ Smith said. “He reached in one time. I thought he was going to reach in the second time and I was going to try to get a quick shot off. But they made a call the refs saw.’’