• While most of the Cardinals were participating in defensive drills Saturday morning at Roger Dean Stadium, first baseman Matt Adams was back at the complex, listening to Willie McGee talk about playing outfield. Later, Adams would come over to the ball park and shag balls during Cardinals batting practice.

Adams won’t be playing first base as much the rest of the spring with Matt Carpenter recovered from his lower back discomfort. And his body, 30 pounds lighter at 240 pounds, is more streamlined in any of his previous years here. After taking balls in left field Saturday, Adams said, “It felt good today.”

Manager Mike Matheny, who broached the subject of outfield with Adams last week, said he wanted to know how the latter would feel about it and Adams told Matheny he was interested.

For now, Adams is working on the “reads. And (batting practice is a good spot to do that,” he said.

Adams, who said he never had played outfield before, except for possibly in Little League, took fly balls for the first couple of days in camp, just because. But Matheny said he could see Adams shagging with more intensity now and Adams seems intrigued by trying to read the ball’s flight, taking the right angles and factoring in the slice off the bat, which would be completely opposite in left field than it would be at first base.