SLAM is closing in on the top players in its annual Top 50 and has two Nets at #7 and #22. Deron Williams, who ESPN ranked at #10, goes higher in the SLAM calculus, at #7, while Joe Johnson, ranked #33 by ESPN, is ranked at #22 by SLAM. No other Net is in the Top 50. ESPN had all five Nets starters in their top 100.

In both the SLAM and ESPN rankings, Williams is the top player in the Atlantic Division.

Among those behind D-Will in SLAM's rankings: Rajon Rondo at #8, Russell Westbrook at #9 and Carmelo Anthony at #10. The big difference between SLAM and ESPN: SLAM has D-Will ranked ahead of Rondo, Westbrook and Kevin Love. Among those behind Johnson this season are Derrick Rose, at #23, Josh Smith at #24 and Rudy Gay at #25.