Many questions have been raised about the Carolina Hurricanes as they have stumbled through a seven-game winless streak.

One heard more and more: what’s up with Jeff Skinner?

Judging by the numbers put up this season by the winger, Skinner hasn’t been the same player since suffering a concussion – the second of his career – in the Feb. 14 game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has shown flashes of good, creative offensive play, but the consistency has been lacking.

In the 13 games before the injury, including the Leafs game, Skinner had seven goals and seven assists, picking up points in 10 games as the Canes went 8-4-1. After being sidelined five games, Skinner has three goals and two assists in the past 14 games (6-7-1.)

Skinner, in an interview before the Canes’ three-game trip to Canada, said he had not changed his style of play because of the concussion. Nor, he said, did he believe he was shying away from contact.

"The game happens so fast and it’s always an adjustment when you come back from an injury, especially when you miss five or six games," he said. "I think coming back you sort of realize there’s a time and a place to take a hit to make a play, and there’s a time and a place to sort of back off and just get it deep or something like that.