Nick Young was stunned by it all.

With 1.2 seconds remaining in the game and the Sixers trailing by three points, the Sixers' hot-shot shooter popped open just above the corner for a wide open three-pointer. In fact, the Sixers could not have come up with a better play unless they allowed Young to pick the spot in which he wanted to shoot that last three-pointer.

"I didn't think I was going to be that wide open," Young said after the Sixers' 103-100 loss in a wildly entertaining game at the Wells Fargo Center against the Memphis Grizzlies (see Instant Replay).

Sometimes, though, a guy isn't as open as he thinks he is. At least that's the way it turned out on Monday night when Young could not even pull the trigger on the final, game-tying three-pointer. Instead, just as Young was about to let it fly, Memphis' do-everything center Marc Gasol rotated from Evan Turner's in-bounds pass to the corner and snuffed the shot.