It became clear on Tuesday exactly what Andrew Bynum is doing to get back on the job.

Bynum runs on the treadmill. He is doing various side-stepping combinations using a floor ladder and is shooting from different spots on the floor. The center is also working on footwork and testing his range.

"He said he is pain free, which is good," Sixers head coach Doug Collins said.

When Bynum was on the treadmill, Collins was working out alongside of him on the elliptical machine.

"You know he hasn't played in eight months," Collins said. "For a guy his size, you have to take small steps. You cannot just throw him out there and give him a crash course because it will set him back.

"You can feel in his demeanor that he is feeling a lot better about it. You just have to get that balance back, that strength, and all that goes with being a player. There is a lot of stuff ahead of him, but it's all moving in the right direction."