The Sixers won a game. It has been a while since anyone typed that sentence or uttered it out loud.

For the first time in three weeks, the Sixers came away with a victory instead of a defeat, beating the Golden State Warriors, 104-97 (see Instant Replay) Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center. In the process, the Sixers ended a seven-game losing streak.

The last time the Sixers played at home, they got smacked by the Orlando Magic – and by Doug Collins, who was so disappointed and frustrated that he criticized the team in what became a well-publicized, much-talked about press conference (see story).

Saturday’s chat with the head coach was at the opposite end of the postgame spectrum. When Collins emerged from the locker room, his grandchildren were at his side and he was smiling.

“It was huge, it was huge,” Collins said about the win. “You look at our schedule and everything, everybody’s got us done and buried and everything. We’ve gone through this before. We said, tonight, let’s have something good happen and let’s try to build on it.”