If the 76ers have a plan for Thursday night's NBA draft - they have the 11th pick - they have yet to reveal it.

General manager Sam Hinkie has not talked about the team's needs. Owner Josh Harris has been silent, too. The Sixers don't even have a coach to share his vision of the future, and star players Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner said recently that they are unaware of the team's draft plans.

That leaves many options. Hinkie could go after a big man or a point guard, and the Sixers also have worked out prospects who play on the wing. That's what you call covering all the bases.

Barring a trade, the Sixers own one first-round pick (No. 11) and two second-round selections (35th and 42d). There's a chance they may try to trade up or down in the draft, or they could trade a player on their roster for an additional first-round pick. Who knows? Nobody is talking.

The Sixers could target Indiana center Cody Zeller. But, "I don't know if I will be around at 11," Zeller said during Wednesday's predraft news conference.

"We will see." Orlando, with the second pick; Charlotte, with the fourth; Sacramento, with the seventh selection; or Minnesota, with the ninth pick, are candidates to take Zeller before the Sixers can. Zeller didn't seem to be concerned about where he will wind up. "I think I would be good for [the Sixers] just because I'd be a big guy that could help," he said. "They've got a lot of young guys in the guard spot. But I feel like I could help them in the front line."

Steven Adams also could help the Sixers on the front line. And, like Zeller, the 7-foot center from Pittsburgh could be one of their draft targets. But the New Zealand native didn't get any special vibes when he worked out for the Sixers brass. "It was just like another workout," Adams said. "All of [the teams] did the same thing."