FOR THE FIRST time in many months, there was a smattering of interest in the 76ers as reports were leaking that the organization had fired CEO Adam Aron. Late last night, however, 76ers spokesperson Michael Preston confirmed to the Daily News that, despite numerous reports (not by the Daily News) that cited sources, Aron had not been let go. Aron, also a minority owner of the team, has been associated in the business world with majority owner Josh Harris for close to 20 years. "They have been together for a long time and they will continue to work together with the 76ers," Preston said. "Adam Aron will continue to work for the 76ers. He has not been fired. All reports saying he was were wrong." Those reports started circulating yesterday afternoon, which seemed odd because both Aron and Harris were out of the country at the time. It appears, though, that Aron's role with the team may change. Last week, Scott O'Neil, the former New York Knicks executive and Villanova alum, visited with the team, according to a source. O'Neil resigned as president of Madison Square Garden in September. Originally, O'Neil was mostly involved in the marketing aspect of the team, which was what Aron's role is with the Sixers. But through the years, according to the New York Daily News, O'Neil became more involved in basketball operations side. On May 16, the day Sam Hinkie was introduced to the media as the Sixers' new president and general manager, there were reports that Aron's role with the team had been cut back. But even before Hinkie was in front of the microphone for the first time at his new position, Aron told anyone and everyone who was in attendance that "my role has not changed one bit. I don't know where that report came from."