A fan approached me after the Sixers lost their 11th consecutive game on Monday and fell to 15-42 for the season and said, “The worst part about tanking is the losing.”

The Sixers are not just losing, they are being outplayed in so many areas.

Milwaukee came to town with the worst record in the league, with just 10 victories. And still they won the second quarter by 27 points, the rebounding battle by 19, and the bench scoring by 48 points.

“I didn’t feel like we competed, and I didn’t feel like we got better,” coach Brett Brown said after a hard practice on Tuesday. “Our compass, our report card is different than a lot of NBA teams this year. I judge it far more on those types of things than, 'Did you win or did you lose?' That is not the 76ers report card this year, as we have been aggressively transparent about for a while.”

Evaluating young talent and trying to develop it is an item on the report card. Stockpiling draft picks is another. Creating cap space is a third.

The Sixers are hardly the only team rebuilding this season and yet their approach has a very unique feel, an assessment Brown says is fair.

“If everybody went around and did their homework on the alleged rebuild teams and looked at years in the league, high draft picks or veteran carry overs, and asked how many real keepers,” Brown said, getting at his team's lack of experience.