Back when I previewed Jake Peavy's then-impending free agency, I took a stab at guessing his eventual contract and settled on three years and $40 million, although he might field a few two-year offers with a higher salary.

Elgonzo4sox objected to that last part, saying, "No way does he sign a 2-year deal. He'll push for four." Lil Jimmy backed him up, saying "Two-year deals are not normal."

Am I calling them out? Absolutely not (maybealittle). Seriously, they're right. Two-year deals are not at all normal for a pitcher of Peavy's caliber, age, and lofty status among a fairly thin pool of free agents. In fact, if he had another 200-inning season under his belt over the last four years, it would be an insult to even suggest it.