Here’s a six pack of observations about the Redskins’ 2013 schedule:

Prime time times five—A team can get scheduled for a maximum of five prime time games and the Redskins were one of seven teams to get the max. There could be a sixth if they are again in contention for the NFC East title. Any of their Sunday games after Week 10 could be flexed and those last two games against the Cowboys and Giants look like strong candidates.

The road is kind—The Redskins only go on the road for two consecutive games once, in November when the visit the Vikings and Eagles back to back. But the Minnesota trip is for a Thursday game and the short Philly trip isn’t until 10 days later. They are at home prior to their one trip into the Pacific Time zone, their Week 4 game in Oakland, and they have a bye after it.

Set up for fast start—The Redskins play only one playoff team in the first six games, the Packers in Week 2. Three of their opponents posted double-digit losses last year (Eagles, Lions, Raiders) and two have new head coaches (Eagles, Bears).

Cowboys crying—I caught wind of some complaints from the Cowboys camp that for the second year in a row, Dallas’ December game against the Redskins is in Washington. They will have to get over it.