I thought head coach Jason Garrett had one shining moment in Cincinnati as he spoke to the media after the game barely 24 hours after Brent’s fatal crash. Since then, no one in this organization – and that really means owner-president-GM Jerry Jones – has done the right thing.

I cut the team some slack when Brent appeared on the sideline for the first half of the Pittsburgh game a week later in Arlington. That was based on the club’s suggestion that Brown’s mother had all but demanded that Brent be allowed on the sidelines – a story that turned out to be exaggerated if true at all.

The Cowboys then hid behind the “Brent needs our help” argument which can be valid for those who are seeking help for their problems. Brent’s failed tests and return to jail (there were also indications he had tampered with his monitor) indicate just how little help he is actively seeking.

This is a man who was sentenced to jail for a DWI while at the University of Illinois. The Cowboys drafted him and have drafted others with criminal records since and, let’s not forget, one of the tackles ahead of Brent on the depth chart is Jay Ratliff – arrested for a DWI in January when he ran his pick-up into an 18-wheeler.

There’s a reason that “America’s Team” has only been attached to the Cowboys ironically for the last 15 years, but that has to do with the club’s repeated failures on the field.

The manner in which it has refused to step forward in the Brent case is the kind of cruel joke that should turn Cowboys’ fans stomachs and maybe, just maybe cause them to think twice about buying tickets and supporting Jones and his reckless disregard for anything other than winning football games.