Texas Rangers television announcer Tom Grieve was interviewed on Thursday to discuss the Rangers' bullpen issues. Here are some highlights:

You said earlier that if Neftali Feliz keeps throwing nothing but his fastball, even if it was 109 mph, batters would eventually be able to hit it. Were you joking?

First of all, you have to go a step further than just fastballs; fastballs that aren't located well. Now, if you are throwing only fastballs - and that's pretty much what David Price was doing yesterday - exactly where he wanted to with good movement, you can still get people out. But, if you're only throwing fastballs and it doesn't have movement and it doesn't have location, then, the point I was trying to make was major league hitters can hit anybody's fastball.

Now, I could have said 109, I could have said 119, I could have said 139; the point I was trying to make was you can hit any big league fastball if that's all the pitcher's throwing and he's got bad location with it. 109? I don't know because I never seen someone throw 109 but that would probably be tuning it up a little bit too high for a guy who's throwing on any regular basis.

The Rangers actually pulled Feliz from a game. In this day and age, you don't really see that happen to a closer, do you?

No, you don't and he's going through a stretch where he was struggling. He couldn't…or wouldn't throw his breaking ball; when he did, it wasn't very good. And most of his fastballs were belt high and either way out of the strike zone or right down the middle of the plate and so he was really struggling. Now, yesterday, it's only one inning but he kept the fastball down, for the most part it was around the corners and he actually threw a couple of really good breaking balls. So, that's what we saw last year and since he's come off the disabled list, he hasn't quite been there. Hopefully, yesterday was a step in the right direction.