One of the most fascinating interviews in the NFL every week is the one that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones does every Tuesday with CBS Sports Radio affiliate 105.3 the Fan in Dallas.

The interviews are especially fascinating this year because every week Jones gets asked about the Cowboys' quarterback situation, and every week he seems to have a slightly different answer.

To be fair, Jones hasn't really had to give a solid answer because there was never any question about who would start between Dak Prescott and Tony Romo. Since Romo hasn't been healthy at all this season, Prescott has been the starter by default.

However, that could change soon now that Romo has been fully cleared for practice.

During Tuesday's interview, Jones wouldn't completely commit to Prescott for the rest of the season and basically admitted he as no idea who's going to play once Romo is 100 percent healthy.

"The key thing I want to emphasize is we probably are never going to have this totally sorted out," Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. "We're going to play it by ear, play it as it comes. We can do that. To do it really right for the advantage of the team, which we deserve, [Romo's] got to really be ready to go at the top of his game."