In last night's GDT, user KnockSomeSensIntoYou made one of those simple points that often get overlooked:

Seriously, can we talk about how great Andy has been playing.

I feel like he’s been shot down cause of Karlsson’s play.

And yeah, Erik Karlsson is the best defenseman in the league right now--maybe even the best player in the league--but when you woke up this morning, Craig Anderson was leading or tied for the lead in all goaltending categories. You've probably already seen the visual evidence, but it's here if you haven't. And it's not one of those fluke statistics, either--the Senators have played 13 games and Anderson has started 11 of them. He's legit.

In fact, he's so legit that if he keeps performing at this level, he'd be the clear Vezina Trophy winner. The Senators have never even had a goalie nominated for those--not even Dominik Hasek, in his great '05-06 season with the team. (Anderson's numbers, by the way, would annihilate Hasek's if they held up, and I think everyone would agree Hasek played behind a significantly better team.) Consider this: Anderson has only lost four games this year--two of those in overtime--and none have been by more than a goal. A little more offense from the team, and Anderson could be 11-0-0 on the year. That's ridiculous.It's not an exaggeration in any way to say Anderson has given his team a chance to win every game he's started this year.