Between his four-game suspension and various injuries, star defensive tackle Marcell Dareus has virtually been no help to the Buffalo Bills this season. And because of his apparent lack of commitment to the team, some members of the organization reportedly want Dareus gone.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the Bills are frustrated that Dareus failed to stay in shape while serving his suspension.

“The Bills are angry that he didn’t take care of himself and work out more during the suspension,” Cole said Tuesday. “While some people in the organization would like to part ways with Dareus, he is guaranteed more than $12 million going forward and would be expensive to cut.”

The Bills envisioned Dareus as the centerpiece of their defensive front when they signed him to a seven-year, $103.2 million contract last year. Just before the season, Dareus announced he was entering rehab. He was also suspended one game in 2014.