Coach Mike Woodson and Iman Shumpert barked at each other on the Garden court Thursday during the Knicks 109-106 loss to Houston at the Garden.

After the exchange, Shumpert walked away from the coach with noticeable disgust and sat on the bench. If their suspect relationship is improving, it wasn’t apparent during the back-and-forth.

Shumpert is on the trading block, and Woodson hasn’t exactly eased the combo guard’s nerves — even after their meeting when the Knicks played in Atlanta on Wednesday. The Knicks face the Hawks again on Saturday at the Garden.

Carmelo Anthony, who is Shumpert’s locker mates at the Garden, said he’s worried the trade chatter will distract Shumpert. Anthony also talked to him about the situation, admitting, “It can get to you.’’
“I have to, I have to,’’ Anthony said about communicating with Shumpert. “We were all in that situation before. Names will always come up. People will always try to figure out what’s the best thing. It’s going to happen. For me I have to be there and have his back and be there for him.

“I know it’s kind of hard for me, or him to listen to that,’’ Anthony added during his foundation’s event in which he distributed food boxes at the Boys Club in The Bronx. “Especially when you hear your name in trade reports and trade rumors. I have to tell him, just focus on basketball, everything else will take care of itself.

“I think when you are a talent like that everyone wants you. That just goes to show you what kind of player he is — for everybody to want you, to be on everybody’s radar.”

After the loss to Houston, Shumpert said there’s “nothing I can do about it’’ regarding trade talk and said he’s trying to “limit the distractions.’’

Anthony, who has been subjected to trade and free-agency talk throughout his career, said he knows it can be stressful.

“It can get to you, it can get to you,’’ Anthony said. “When you’re hearing your name in trade rumors, you can take it two ways, you can take it that people really want you or people don’t appreciate you.’’
According to sources, Knicks president Steve Mills is shopping Shumpert to see if there’s frontcourt help he can add while also removing a shooting-guard glut. Because rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. is playing well, there could be a minutes crunch. Woodson wants J.R. Smith to remain as a starter.