In a perfect world, the Saints will find a way to come up with plenty of cap room to make drastic personnel changes. But let's just face it, the world isn't perfect and neither is the situation in which the Saints find themselves.

For the purpose of starting a conversation, though, let's assume that Mickey Loomis has a killer offseason and comes up with around $15 million dollars in cap space. Hypothetically speaking, that would be a dream come true given the turn of events that has plagued the Saints since last March. With this type of availability and potential, what area of the team would you like to see the team upgrade the most?

Jermon Bushrod is going to be expecting a pretty big pay day this offseason. But Jake Long, the Dolphins star offensive tackle, is expected to be leaving Miami. It would be smarter for the Saints to give Long a good sum of money because he is significantly better. Bushrod has been a decent player for the Saints, but he appears better than he actually is. He often is helped by receiving chip blocks or double teams to his side.

We all know how poor the defensive backs played this year. At corner, the Saints could get Brent Grimes, a player with a tremendous skill set. He is coming off a season-ending Achilles injury, but he has already reached a good point in his recovery. That will also be in the Saints favor, as he will not be able to ask for as much money as he probably would have if he were healthy. Grimes has been giving quarterbacks fits in recent seasons, and I would love to see him in a Saints uniform.