This just in from Eric Duhatschek of the Globe & Mail, more talk that Toronto Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis would be willing to trade Nazem Kadri or Jake Gardiner.

“You have the sense that Maple Leafs GM David Nonis would happily move two of his youngsters, Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner, in the right deal…”

My take

Duhatschek is one of those reasonable, smart veteran reporters who have been around the NHL forever. He’s heard something here or put together some dots, and it’s evident Kadri and Gardiner, two highly-touted young players, can be had in trade.

Should the Edmonton Oilers be interested in either?

Of note, Kadri, who will be 24 this October, and Gardiner, 23, both play positions where the Oilers have needs, centre and defence. So they are young veterans in areas of need, two check marks in their favour.

Gardiner is a restricted free agent this summer, Kadri an RFA in the summer of 2015. He’s got one year left on a deal that pays him $2.9 million.

Neither is a particularly big player, Kadri listed at 6-feet, 188-pounds, Gardiner at 6-feet, 2-inches, 184-pounds.

Both of them played for Oilers coach Dallas Eakins on the Toronto Marlies. Eakins would have a good sense of them, though given how much Eakins has appeared to value former players like Will Acton, Ryan Hamilton and Mark Fraser — who all came up short with the Oilers in 2013-14 — Eakins might also have an inflated sense of Kadri and Gardiner’s worth.

Evidently, the Leafs have had a good look at the games of both Kadri and Gardiner over a number of years and are not completely happy with what they see.