At the midpoint of last season, Mikhail Grigorenko was expected to be a top-3 draft pick in the 2012 NHL draft. However, after questions about his work ethic, age, and nationality, he ended up dropping to 12th, where he was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres.

It's not often that a team gets to take a consensus top end talent after #5 in the NHL draft, and for the Sabres to get Grigorenko at #12 could end up being the steal of the year. However, the kid has yet to prove anything in the NHL, despite tearing up the QMJHL and impressing thus far in his first NHL training camp.

Grigorenko is certainly impressing his coaches and teammates - the praise for his skill and readiness has ranged from mildly positive to slightly exuberant. Ryan Miller has said that the big Russian center is "an NHL caliber talent.