Who are Gregg Zaun, Chad Moeller, Craig Tatum, Jake Fox, Luis Exposito, Ronny Paulino, Taylor Teagarden, Chris Snyder and Steve Clevenger?

All of them backed up Matt Wieters in his first five years as Orioles catcher.

The guess is that Wieters will be back for at least a sixth year, and it’s possible that in 2014, he’ll have some new playmates.

None of the nine names above has even completed a full season as Wieters’ backup. The closest was Tatum in 2010, but he spent some time in the minors that year.

Zaun was the nominal starting catcher in 2009, knowing but ultimately not accepting that he’d be losing his job to Wieters when he was brought up from Norfolk.

After Wieters arrival in late May, Zaun pouted, and the veteran was traded to Tampa Bay in August.