Mikhail Grigorenko's tryout period is up. He's played five games, and if he plays one more, he'll have to stay in the NHL for the rest of the season. We asked a few of our writers to share their opinion on whether he should stay in the NHL or go back to Quebec, and we're interested in hearing yours as well.

Andy Boron

I think Girgorenko has to stay, if only because the Sabres have proven that they need more players with elite offensive talent. While he is still pointless through five games, you saw yesterday what he's capable of when given more minutes, and his skill set is something few players on this team share. Besides, the Quebec Remparts only have 20 games left this season, so at this point you might as well let him stay in the NHL and play out the next 43.

Chris Williams

I think it's been clear from Lindy's pairing Grigs with John Scott at one point, and even sitting him for the majority of the third period on Friday, that he's not planning on keeping him with the big club. Worrying about penny pinching and saving money for a year of his contract shouldn't be an issue with Pegula, so with the total lack of offense beyond the first line to start these four games, I'm baffled as to why this is a good idea. The team let Tyler Myers grow on the job, and Grigs looks even more physically capable than Myers did back then. Grigs has showed flashes of great playmaking ability, and it's going to take a lot more than five games to judge the overall gain we can have from him being on the ice for the duration of the year. So if you're asking me for a gut reaction? Keep him. Give me something to get excited about.